Driven by our entrepreneurial DNA and a corporate culture rooted in local issues, we are committed to surrounding ourselves with talented people who share our beliefs and who want to give a sense of purpose to their work.

Our purpose, which is shared with everyone who joins us and is put into practice every day by our 120 employees, is based on three key guiding principles:


meaning at work


for the individual and collective well-being of our teams


personal and professional development

55% – 45%

Male/female breakdown

36 years old

Average age

We believe that our success, and that of our stakeholders, relies on having people who are committed to what they do and have a desire to learn. As a result, we encourage collective intelligence, we strive to improve the quality of life at work, and we foster team spirit.

We help our employees to develop their multi-disciplinary skills and talents by giving them access to a wide range of training courses, both technical and managerial, and by offering them the opportunity to work on cross-functional projects.

Joining the Magellim Group means becoming part of a team that is agile, open-minded, and daring, and driven by a culture of results. Our aim is to achieve those results and then exceed them, so that we can go even further in our support for innovation and the transformation of regions in the years ahead.

What’s most satisfying for us is to see our employees thriving in their careers and to see how their assignments in the Magellim Group are increasing their desire to learn.

Sonia Perron

HR Director, Magellim Group

Our values


At a time of multiple challenges and rapidly changing trends, knowing how to adapt, reorganize, and react quickly is essential.
As a driver of innovation and results, agility ensures the trust of our clients, financial partners, regional players, and our employees.


Identifying opportunities, seeing new possibilities and seizing them, and encouraging wonderful conversations between people would be impossible without the open-mindedness that characterizes the Magellim Group.


Being daring, like demonstrating agility, enables the Group to deal with changing situations. Combined with our ability to look to the future, it helps us to create new solutions that sometimes go against conventional wisdom. This is what makes the Group so special, and it’s something we instill in all our employees!


Working at the Magellim Group means sharing ideas, cooperating with one and other, and co-developing projects every day in a way that makes every voice count. Through teamwork, these projects transform individual local initiatives into joint developments that are both practical and positive.

Results-oriented culture

The success of the Magellim Group’s investment projects is based on having the full commitment of our employees. Day in, day out, they demonstrate enthusiasm and dynamism as they seek to create as much value as possible for local communities, companies and investors. A results-driven culture is synonymous with satisfaction for all our stakeholders.

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