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A multi-disciplinary group focusing on regional and corporate renewal

The Magellim Group’s activities bring together the fields of investment, entrepreneurship, and asset management to achieve two objectives: to promote and connect local business initiatives that offer real potential for growth, and to create customized investment solutions enabling them to achieve that growth – thanks to the broad range of assets available from the Group’s various businesses.

Created in 2018, the Group currently comprises 3 management companies approved by France’s financial markets authority, L’Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF):

plus 2 crowdfunding companies regulated by L’Autorité des Marchés Financiers:

Our expertise

We bring together a wealth of financial and entrepreneurial expertise that enable us to think differently and to meet the various challenges facing regions and businesses in France and Europe in general.

Our aim is to support projects and investments that provide lasting benefits, focusing our attention on industries that have the potential to transform a region and that are also essential for tackling the environmental and socio-economic challenges of today and the future (healthcare, energy transition, education, housing, digital, tech, etc.).

Groupe Magellim - Explorateur de nouvelles voies d’investissement

Real estate

We play our part in renewing real estate at a regional level by supporting projects in essential asset classes, such as housing, education, industry, offices, and hotels.

Groupe Magellim - Explorateur de nouvelles voies d’investissement

Private Equity

By supporting local companies that are working on socially responsible projects, we can finance the real economy of a region and make a real impact on value creation, jobs, salaries, services, etc.

Groupe Magellim - Explorateur de nouvelles voies d’investissement


We aim to make finance sustainable by making investments that are based on our commitments as an organization.


Through our two crowdfunding companies, Baltis and Proximea, we are helping to make it easier for people to finance projects that benefit entire regions and the communities who bring them to life.

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