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A multi-skilled, multi-disciplinary group

Today, the Magellim Group comprises 3 management companies approved by L’Autorité des Marchés Financiers and two crowdfunding firms.

To develop or co-develop real estate projects that are genuinely meaningful for local communities and businesses

Foncière Magellan, a regional real estate investment specialist, focusing on meaningful projects for local communities, citizens and businesses.

Foncière Magellan is a real estate investment and asset management company founded in 2010 by Steven Perron in Nantes, France, and licensed by L’Autorité des Marchés Financiers. Specializing in commercial real estate and assets with a high potential for value creation, it creates and manages real estate investment funds for private and institutional investors. A variety of vehicles and legal structures can be tailored to the specific needs of every client, including specific investment club deals, co-investments, REITs, and French FPCI, OPPCI, and SLP funds.

Foncière Magellan helps to create, develop, and bring to fruition real estate projects that provide real benefits for the local community by putting local authorities in touch with key industry players and raising dedicated funds. More broadly, it helps to revive regional real estate by focusing on sectors undergoing rapid change, such as healthcare, education, industry, and the workplace, with one example of an investment vehicle being the SCPI Foncière des Praticiens. This investment fund, which has the French government’s Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) label and is open to the public, is designed to direct savings towards the financing of care, treatment, and consultation facilities (medical centers, health centers, rehabilitation centers, etc.) throughout France. In doing so, the fund is helping to combat the growing shortage of medical facilities in rural areas.

Foncière Magellan currently has a property portfolio of over 800,000m² and €1.5 billion in assets under management.

Commercial real estate
Business parks
Dedicated funds

Stimulating the regional housing economy

Turgot Asset Management, real estate and financial asset management company

Turgot Asset Management is a multi-asset management company specializing in financial (equities, bonds) and real estate assets, some of which are used in life insurance contracts and retirement savings plans.

A specialist in residential real estate investment, Turgot created Viagénérations, a real estate ownership and management company (Société Civile Immobilière, or SCI) and the first vehicle in France to be based on the idea of “ageing better.” Its aim is to help elderly people remain in their own homes by purchasing their primary or secondary residence on a life annuity basis (accessible as a Unit of Account [UA] within life insurance and capitalization contracts). Through its various projects, the Viagénérations SCI has now been recognized for its positive social and regional impact.

While elderly people’s resources had previously been tied up in residential assets, they are now able to stay in their current homes as usufructuaries or move to regions being subjected either to real estate speculation or a reduction in principal residences . Through this process, Turgot is helping wealth to circulate, while also stimulating the residential economy in regional France. The nature and quality of its investment funds also enable Turgot to help revitalize these regions and maintain the local shops and healthcare services that are essential for the future of rural areas.

Life annuity
Residential real estate
Life insurance

Financing the real economy of regions and businesses

A+ Finance, an asset management company specializing in managed real estate, private equity and funds of funds

As a manager of mainly unlisted assets, A+ Finance is dedicated to the principles of purposeful, responsible, and innovative investment. Specializing in private equity and funds of funds, its primary targets are institutional investors.

By supporting the growth of local companies that work on social projects, A+ Finance is helping to finance the real economy at a regional level and make a genuine impact on job creation, salaries, and regional attractiveness.

At a broader level, the company is helping the development of sustainable and innovative local solutions in sectors that will be crucial for overcoming the challenges that lie ahead (technology, the environment, information, digital platforms, etc.).

Private equity
Real estate
Start-up financing
Unlisted assets
Transmission capital
Managed residential
School walls
Small cap

Helping people to make the most of their savings and get involved in local development

Baltis and Proximea, real estate crowdfunding platforms

Specialists in alternative investment, Proximea and Baltis are crowdfunding companies, with the former covering the regions of France’s Atlantic seaboard and the latter involved in the rest of the country. Both companies list their projects – which are specifically designed to benefit regional areas and their communities – on a single digital crowdfunding platform. By providing an easy-to-use service with low entry fees, Proximea and Baltis are giving everyone the chance to financially support worthwhile projects that are close to home and that affect people’s daily lives. Being local, crowdfunders are also able to watch these projects as they develop over time.

Such platforms are a way of democratizing positive investment on a larger scale and making all forms of investment (private equity funds, real estate, SCPIs, etc.) accessible to everyone, thereby boosting regional development.

Real estate
Real estate developers
Merchant of goods
Equity financing